Lohawala Agencies

Hassle Fee Imports into Pakistan

May 22, 1012 – Karachi, Pakistan: Hassel free, smooth transition of goods to Pakistan. “No need import & export permit, no need national tax number or sales tax number. We take care of all your incoming & outgoing shipments including DDP & RMA. We provide Pre shipment consultancy services also and deliver goods to your global customers and at the desired destinations in Pakistan. We use our office and act as your importing agent. We import, transport and deliver and if you need we re-export these goods to the country of origin. Exhibitors participating in trade shows in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad who want to bring in their good and take them back can talk to us too”, says the CEO of the company.

Lohawala Agencies is the shipping, freight forwarding and logistics services providing company located in Karachi, Pakistan. Custom Clearing, Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Door to Door Cargo Delivery and importing are the major business activities at the Lohawala Agencies.

The strength of the company lies in its professionalism. The owners and managers of Pakistan Custom Clearing and Forwarding Company in Karachi have been in business for the past 20 years. During the course of their business operations the company strengthened its hold on the market and has been providing logistic support like custom clearing, warehousing, transportation, project shipments, imports and door to door and DDP delivery of good to all destination within Pakistan.

The prime clients of the Lohawala Agencies to whom the Pakistan Custom Clearing and Logistics Company provides RMA, Door to Door and DDP services include: NCR Corporation USA, Equant Integration (USA), TeraData Pakistan (USA), Unisys Pakistan (USA), S.I.T.A, Orange Business (Door to Door Service for their Global Clients), Beckman & Beckman (DDP Services), A.S.A.P. (DDP Services), Ocean Team Logistics (DDP Services).

If you are in business with Pakistan, you must talk to us. We have opened the doors for major corporations of the world; we can do it for you too. Call us or drop an e-mail, or visit us at Lohawala Agencies, says the CEO of Lohawala Agencies.